My Weekend in High Falls

To everyone who asked where I was (and I flatter myself that you did) ... the short version is that I was at a non-holiday non-event family gathering in NY State. [ If you don't care about the long version, you may stop reading here. ]

Since you are still reading, I assume you are interested, so here goes. My father Alan and his sister (my aunt Joan) were very musical, and family gatherings always included a guitar or two and a lot of singing. Folk songs, songs of protest, silly songs. My dad passed away decades ago, but Joan kept the music going. Joan passed away this past year, and her husband Sam -- yes, I have an "Uncle Sam" -- moved into assisted living. One of Joan's daughters recently decided she wanted to get the family back together for an afternoon of singing, and the other daughter has a house in the Hudson Valley, so on Saturday, my family came in from various NY & Massachusetts locations -- including Uncle Sam -- and descended on Laurie's house in High Falls, NY. It felt like a holiday that no one else knew about ... like Thanksgiving or Passover without the traffic. I don't know if this was a one-shot deal or will become a family tradition, but it sure was nice.

So now you know. Thanks for asking, and thanks for reading this far,

- Bill Barnert